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Last week I was at La Plagne  Montalbert a small ski resort in the heart of the Alps. A good reason to rest and relax from the Parisian stress. In addition this year I tried snowboarding for the first time! I have a very good level of skiing, because I had the chance to go every year since the age of 4 . But I nervous at the idea of having 2 feet fixed on a single plate. I will let you know about my progress in future articles. I will also share my outfits in the mountains with you for a week. And yes you can go do winter sports but keep warm and be cute. I will try to prove it to you here. The first day we arrived in the afternoon so we did not ski and snowboard. We preferred to stroll through the village, and small trails in the forest. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that I put the links to my outfits usually in the 3 or 4th picture. You click on the brand name and arrive directly on their website.

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7 thoughts on “Snow and Red

  1. DborahDeby84

    Hello Julien 🙂

    Tu as du bien profité. 🙂 En tout cas Merci de nous avoir fait partager ton séjour. Hâte de voir ton évolution via tes articles.. 🙂 cette tenue est vraiment top. 🙂 A très vite ! bisous

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